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Head and Neck Doctor in Los Angeles

Many common ear, nose, and throat disorders, abnormalities, conditions, or complaints can have multiple possible sources. Plus, simply treating symptoms won’t make the underlying cause of an ENT problem go away. For this reason, you may be referred to a head and neck doctor in Los Angeles if you are dealing with any of the following ENT-related problems.

Ear Infections

One of the most common reasons to seek a head and neck doctor in Los Angeles is because of an ear infection that’s severe or not going away with over-the-counter medications. The small Eustachian tube usually keeps infection-causing germs out of the ear, but it may not be able to do its job if its clogged or damaged. An ENT doctor typically treats ear infections in both adults and children by:

  • Identifying the source and location of the infection
  • Recommending appropriate antibiotics, antihistamines, pain meds, or nasal steroids
  • Inserting ear tubes, when necessary, to help with fluid drainage (myringotomy)
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Hearing Loss

A skilled head and neck doctor in Los Angeles has the resources and experience required to treat patients with varying degrees of hearing loss. The first step an ENT specialist typically takes when evaluating a patient with hearing loss is to perform tests to determine what type of hearing loss is involved and what caused it. After this step is taken, treatments recommended may include hearing aids, surgical procedures, earwax removal, or Cochlear implants.

Allergies, Sinusitis, or Nose Abnormalities

Chronic sinusitis is an inflammatory disorder that can produce a wide range of disruptive symptoms. This is also true if you have unmanaged or undiagnosed allergies, which can affect various structures within your ears, nose, and/or throat. You may also benefit from treatment provided by a top ENT specialist if you have nose-related problems involving:

Throat Injuries, Irritations, or Infections

Smoke inhalation, strep throat, vocal cord strain, and tonsillitis are just some of the many throat-related problems that may bring you to a head and neck doctor in Los Angeles. You may also be advised to visit this type of specialist if you have vocal polyps, suspected thyroid issues, an abnormal growth that may be cancerous, or a throat injury that’s affecting your ability to swallow, talk, eat, or breathe.

Symptoms/Conditions without a Clear Source

Another reason to visit a top ENT specialist is because you are experiencing symptoms without an obvious source. Even a condition like sleep apnea can have several different possible sources. And symptoms such as recurring headaches or earaches are sometimes related to blockages, nerve compression, or structural abnormalities. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, you’ll be more likely to respond well to treatment.

A visit to the a head and neck doctor in Los Angeles typically includes a discussion of your symptoms, your medical history, and any previous attempts at treatment. If you do respond well to treatment, you may also be given advice on how to prevent future problems of the same nature. If you had a severe ear infection, for example, you might be advised to wear protective earplugs when swimming, wash your hands thoroughly, and be mindful of the air quality in your immediate environment whenever possible.