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The sinuses are several hollow cavities located within the skull.

While the sinuses help to improve your voice, they also produce mucus that helps to add moisture to the nose while also getting rid of dust, dirt, and other pollutants. The sinuses are prone to becoming infected or damaged, which is why you should look out for signs and symptoms that your sinuses aren’t as healthy as they should be.
A nose specialist in Los Angeles will be able to determine which treatment is right for your condition. In some cases, sinus surgery may be necessary.

What Does Sinus Surgery Refer To?

Sinus surgery is a very simple form of surgery that’s aimed at opening up the sinuses in order to clear any blockages that have caused you to experience an infection. While this treatment option isn’t usually necessary for people suffering from an acute sinus infection, it’s often needed in order to treat long-lasting or recurrent infections. Keep in mind that this surgery is only used when other treatments have proven to be ineffective.

The most common procedure used during sinus surgery is an endoscopic surgery, which is a minimally-invasive procedure that uses a thin tube to clear the sinuses. Since the tube is passed through one of the nostrils, there is very little scarring and only a short recovery period. Two procedures that are less common with sinus surgery include an image-guided endoscopic operation and a Caldwell-Luc operation, the latter of which is used primarily when a growth has developed in one of the sinuses. A nose specialist in Los Angeles will be able to determine which surgery is right for your condition.

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Reasons to Obtain Sinus Surgery From a Nose Specialist in Los Angeles

The main goal of a sinus surgery is to get rid of any blockage that’s located in your sinuses. Some of the things that might need to be removed include:

  • Nasal polyps
  • Small pieces of bone
  • Tissue that has become damaged or swollen
  • Growths or tumors

This surgery may also be necessary if you’re suffering from a serious case of sinusitis and find that other treatment options aren’t providing you with the relief you’re searching for.

Risks of Sinus Surgery

Sinus surgery is relatively simple and straightforward, which means that the risks that come with this surgery are rare. Bleeding is possible for the few days after the surgery has taken place. The location of the affected sinus could also play a part in the types of risks you could encounter. If the sinuses are positioned near your eye, there’s a small chance that the eye could become injured during the treatment. You might also notice a loss of taste or smell. You can reduce the chances that these issues will affect you by seeking sinus surgery from a reputable nose specialist in Los Angeles. Once the surgery has been administered, you should experience very few complications during the recovery process.