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From ear infections to strep throat, there are many ear, nose, and throat issues that can be diagnosed, treated, or managed by an otolaryngologist in Los Angeles.

If you have any type of problem that’s related to ear, nose, or throat areas, an otolaryngologist can help you in the ways discussed below.

Diagnosing Hearing/Ear Issues

An otolaryngologist in Los Angeles is trained to pinpoint the source of hearing impairments, chronic ear infections, and balance disorders such as vertigo and vestibular neuronitis. Once a source is found, issues of this nature can be properly treated. You’re also welcome to visit an ENT specialist if you are experiencing the following hearing/ear concerns:

  • Ear ringing (tinnitus)
  • Swimmer’s ear
  • Congenital hearing disorders
  • Abnormal inner ear growths
  • Auditory nerve damage
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Managing Sinus Symptoms

Sinuses are a series of hollow cavities that are connected together. If these cavities become blocked or congested, you may develop noticeable sinus pain and other disruptive symptoms. Occasional sinus issues are usually manageable with self-care. But you may benefit from a visit to an otolaryngologist in Los Angeles if you have chronic sinus infections (chronic sinusitis).

If you’re not responding well to antibiotics, nasal corticosteroids, or oral or injected corticosteroids, immunotherapy may become an option if your sinus symptoms are related to allergies. The purpose of immunotherapy (allergy shots) is to build up your body’s resistance to allergens.

Addressing Smell/Nose-Related Concerns

An L.A. otolaryngologist is also a specialist you can come to if you are having difficulty smelling or breathing because of nose abnormalities or a deviated septum. You can also be evaluated for sleep apnea if you are experiencing breathing disruptions. Additionally, suspected allergies can be properly diagnosed to help you identify likely triggers.

Restoring Vocal Quality

One of the most noticeable signs of a throat problem is a change in vocal quality. If this is what has you concerned, an otolaryngologist in Los Angeles can use a lighted scope with an attached camera to view your throat to find out what’s going on. If a growth is discovered, a biopsy may be done to rule out throat or vocal cord cancer. Vocal cord polyps or nodules can also affect vocal quality.

Treating Other Throat Problems

Other than issues that may affect vocal quality, an L.A. otolaryngologist is also the type of specialist you’ll want to see if you are having difficulty with speech, swallowing, or digestion. An evaluation can also be done if you are showing signs of having a chronic or recurring throat infection.

Assessing Head/Neck Issues

Another reason to see a Los Angeles otolaryngologist is because of diseases, tumors, injuries, or deformities affecting the head and neck area. If necessary, cosmetic and reconstructive procedures can be performed. Abnormalities, conditions, or injuries affecting multiple structures within the face-head-neck area can be evaluated and treated as well.

You might also find yourself being referred to an otolaryngologist in Los Angeles if you are having throat irritation from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or unexplained ear, nose, or throat pain. The goal with any type of treatment provided is to improve quality of life as much as possible.